Key Account Management (KAM)

Upon course completion, the attendee will be able to identify which accounts are most likely to have the potential to become Key Accounts and ultimately explore what steps we can take to make that happen. Each of the methods that we will examine, will give the attendee a more detailed understanding of the processes their customers use, and in turn give them an appreciation of their how to position themselves to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

In addition we will take a detailed look at how each stage of a Key Account relationship differs and what we need to do to ensure that each stage is maximised. By examining "The customer relationship lifecycle" and its seven stages (from awareness through to advocacy), the attendee will be able to determine what strategies are required to maintain the relationship and develop the account. We will also take a look at the likely decision making process in your customers organisation, again to appreciate what role each influencer is likely to play, and how to align your efforts accordingly.

Elements covered

  • KAM fundamentals
  • Identifying potential Key Accounts
  • Organisation types (optional)
  • Marketing principles
  • Customer profiling
  • Prospecting
  • Performance tracking
  • Developing relationships
  • Ensuring satisfaction
  • Feedback
  • Networking

Who should attend

Those with a few years of Key Account Management experience that are looking to maximise opportunities, or those new to this role with a deal of customer experience gained in other sales roles.

    Course duration: 2 days
    Minimum number of attendees: 4
    Investmet per person: £400