Public Speaking

This course is designed to help the attendee gain a great deal of confidence to help them become significantly more effective when making a presentation. This is achieved in two ways; firstly we look at a wide range of techniques from effective body language to manipulating questions. Secondly, by examining the role of presentations and how they can help impact others. During the course there are a number of activities, all designed to help the attendee understand one of the most important elements of a presentation: what is in it for the audience?

To further help with structure and to ensure that each course caters to each individuals specific needs, each attendee will make two presentations (one before the start of the course, the second at the end) which will be recorded and presented to them for self assessment purposes. Direct and personalised feedback can be offered for their performance in the final role play, subject to time restrictions.

Public Speaking has been one of the most well received courses and has helped hundreds of people to be able to overcome their fears and succeed in something that to them, feels unnatural and uncomfortable. We have helped a wide range of people from sales professionals, senior managers and business owners trying to communicate value propositions, to school teachers making their annual presentation to the parents of their respective pupils.

Elements covered

  • Types of Presentation
  • Elements that affect your presentation
  • Audience appreciation
  • Delivery tools
  • Design tips
  • Presentation Structures
  • Additional techniques
  • Audience interaction
  • Controlling feedback
  • Presentation Evaluation

Who should attend

Anyone of any level who is required to make internal or external business presentations. Anyone who is required to make any public speaking engagement. Those wanting to add to their portfolio of skills to prepare themselves for an upcoming presentation, or a new role which may require similar skills.

    Course duration: 2 days
    Minimum number of attendees: 5
    Investmet per person: £400