QUOTE® Sales Process

Each attendee will give two "role-play" presentations, one at the beginning of the course and one at the end. Each can be conducted with a senior company representative if preferred. This session will be recorded and presented post course in an mp4 format.

We will examine a number of different techniques to help the attendee understand their offering and how they differentiate themselves from the competition. Once they are equipped with the salient information, then on to the QUOTE® sales process. A complete step by step sales process which is a simplification of other more complex and established techniques. This process will take the individual from any point in the sales process through to closing the sale.

We will also examine objection handling in detail however to ensure the objection handling element helps the attendee directly, they are asked to offer a list of all of the objections that they face on a regular basis (no matter how absurd). Whereupon we will systematically look at each objection using a number of different techniques in each instance (4 differing methods depending on the objection type).

Finally we will look at simplified and powerful negotiation techniques. We will examine when a negotiation should take place, how to sell the value proposition correctly and how to create value added services rather than simply offering a discount.

Elements covered

  • Who are you talking to?
  • Setting the stage
  • Getting permission
  • Advanced questioning techniques
  • Benefit selling
  • USP's
  • Buying signals
  • Closing techniques
  • Objection handling
  • Negotiation

Who should attend

Ideal for sales executives with a few years of sales experience to draw from. For more senior sales professionals looking to expand their offerings or who are selling additional services that may require a different and more consultative approach.

    Course duration: 2 days
    Minimum number of attendees: 5
    Investmet per person: £400