Team Management

Drawing from established research and practices, we will look at specific worked examples and scenarios to show the attendee the underlying principles of managing a team and most importantly, how to implement these findings in their own role effectively. We will discuss different management styles and will show how changing your style can help to generate specific outcomes. The attendee will also appreciate subtle differences in their team members and be able to draw from a number of different ways in which to present tasks, targets and objectives, based on the learning style of each team member.

We will look at various theories of motivation to determine, what is motivation? And examine how to maximise both team and individual motivation. This component will contain both theory and practical worked examples.

We will use established theories to introduce a simple and practical method of task allocation. The attendee will then be able to extrapolate these principles to the point where they will be able to appreciate their organisations position with regard to Industry specialisation/ diversification.

By understanding and exploring your own unique organisational objectives, the attendee will gain an appreciation of the overall view of their organisation and be able to align their activities accordingly. We will also look at effective control and monitoring. The attendee will understand how to implement KPI's (SMART). How to monitor short, mid and long term results and how to use these indicators to monitor overall objectives.

Elements covered

  • Brief business overview
  • Setting targets
  • Opportunity cost
  • Create a sales team
  • Recruiting right
  • Motivation
  • Transformational leadership
  • High Performance Teams
  • Management styles
  • Market conditions
  • Brief business review

Who should attend

Established Managers who would like to add more structure to their role or those with a some Management experience who would like to develop their understanding in this area.

    Course duration: 2 days
    Minimum number of attendees: 3
    Investmet per person: £500